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Shark Desking

Think of a desk manager as an air traffic controller.  Teamwork plays a major role in a tower’s job.  Air traffic controllers are generally individuals who are self-motivated, well organized, and quick with thinking on their feet (especially when it comes to mathematics.)  They follow rules or people will die - complacency kills, just as it does in sales.  Air traffic controllers make fast decisions, are always aware of their surroundings, and have outstanding communication skills.  These are the same characteristics a desk manager should have.  This is how the desk got the name “The Tower”, because of the similarities.

The number one rule a desk manager should remember is: when a salesperson brings them a deal, the manager must give full attention to the salesperson.  Showing respect and professionalism to the sales staff will sell the dealer more cars.  We all know desk managers that talk down to salespeople and closers.  That type of behavior should not be tolerated.  Unfortunately, work ethics like that are common throughout the automotive retail industry.  Desk managers that are critical to others do it because of their insecurities in the business.  Meaning, they don’t have the proper skills to desk creatively.  This is just one issue dealers may be experiencing on the desk.  The good news is The Car Sharker has a desk process that merges well with the sales and closing processes. 

Two great questions for dealers or General Managers to ask a desk manager to see if there are problems on the desk:

  1. What is our sales process?

  2. What is our desking process?

The answers to those question will reveal right away if you have issues on the desk.

Dealers would be surprised how little some desk managers know about leasing.  In most states, leasing comprises the majority of new car sales.  In Michigan, new car dealers are leasing around 62% of their new vehicle sales.  The Car Sharker has an intense training program that will give the desk managers more confidence when desking a lease.  We train the desk managers how and when to pencil a lease.  No matter what question is thrown at desk managers they should have the knowledge to speak intelligently about leasing.  Too many desk managers just give boilerplate answers and cannot articulate a lease.  Desk managers should be able to figure a lease by hand and stay current on manufactures’ promotional lease programs.

Some desk managers feel subprime customers are not their problem.  They send those deals to a special finance guy sitting in the corner of the showroom.  This is not how to desk a deal.  Desk managers must desk every deal the same and treat every customer as if they have good credit.  The Car Sharker has a good reason for this approach, because it generates lots of sold vehicles.  How often do you hear a desk manager say to a salesperson, “Stop cutting corners”?  Desk managers should adhere to this advice, as well.  The Car Sharker will get them on the right track with a dynamic desking process!

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