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Shark Closing

There are two closes in a car deal; close on the product and close on the numbers. People buy from people; customers buy the product from a salesperson and close the numbers with the person in charge. The question is, “who’s in charge?”  Is it the serious looking desk manager or the “someone who shows authority” individual that is educated on the figures?  Most dealer trainers use a soft close approach, we use a dynamic closing strategy. The Car Sharker’s closing strategy will amaze you with its stress-free process. It gives salespeople extra motivation to work customers more thoroughly and follow a sales process because they’re confident the numbers will close.

Before you can close the numbers, you must first distinguish the difference between a closer and a salesperson. Most salespeople believe they are good closers, the reality is they’re probably not. Salespeople have their place and it’s not closing the numbers. Desk managers have the same issue. They believe they’re the manager because they’re the best closer in the dealership. Desk managers wear a lot of different hats, but closing a deal shouldn’t be one of them. Yes, of course, there are some instances where a desk manager might be a good fit for a close; however, when you’re desking a deal your mind is in a different zone. Desk managers have an important job and that is to make sure their numbers are correct in every deal. Basically, a desk manager is an auditor. Therefore, it’s hard for them to put a smile on their face and go on the floor to try and close a deal, after being a numbers nerd.

The same goes for a salesperson if they work a customer for a few hours and don’t get the sale, it’s difficult for them to answer a sales call and be happy - that’s why stores have Business Development Centers (BDCs). This is only human nature.

If a store doesn’t have closers/floor managers, they can still implement a closing process using other salespeople. The Car Sharker’s closing process will integrate in any dealership and if a dealership already has closers we will work with them on a closing process that flows with the desk and salespeople.

Great closers should always want to improve their closing process without letting ego get in the way of learning. After all, not getting complacent makes people great at what they do! The final aim is to increase gross profit in every deal, so close the numbers.

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