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Shark Desk

The Car Sharker is in the final development phase of an all new gross profit marketing dealer desking tool. Our desking tool was developed by us Sharks, who understand a car deal. This new software handles the desking tasks in such unique ways, veteran car people who have already previewed it were extremely excited! This product evolved from an idea to desk deals digitally in a way no one has ever seen before. Increased sales and gross profit was the motivation for this desking tool.

Shark Bite

The Car Sharker introduces the next generation of appraisal software. Traditional appraisal guides’ lack of accuracy is the inspiration for Shark Bite appraisal software. This new software collaborates with Shark Desk to give anyone the confidence to pinpoint vehicle appraisals. Shark Bite software’s trade-in negotiation approach provides more options for the frontline negotiator and the self-assurance to deliver a trade or purchase. It’s also a great tool for consumers to better understand the real-time market value of their automobile. This software is also perfect for lease residuals and other future values of automobiles.

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