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Product Closing 

Studies show there are some fundamental facts why people buy from others. Reciprocity is one of them, it’s not what you give someone, it’s how it was given. Some dealers solicit customers by offering money for test drives or other ploys, such as, paying customers a dollar-a-mile to come in and shop. That’s not reciprocity, those gimmicks generate traffic for stores but not sales. Remember, it’s how you give someone something - sometimes you just can’t buy love. People buy from people; they look for reasons why they like you. They subconsciously search for similarities and compliments. People starve for compliments; they want to feel good about themselves. That’s why a good meet-and-greet is so important. Closing success rate increases if you compliment a potential client at the introduction.

Cooperating and trying to achieve a customer’s future goals are also central parts of the sale. If a customer wants a four wheel drive, try to sell them a four wheel drive. Stay consistent with the customer’s goals and the sale will go smoother. People also like to buy from authority. The Car Sharker doesn’t just train salespeople, we also certify them thought The National Automobile Retail Value Association (NARVA). Salespeople will be a NARVA “Retail Expert” with badges worn proving their validity.

Training sales staff is an ongoing process. The Car Sharker calls it complacency training. Sales people have the toughest job in a dealership. They have to meet a stranger, take them on a test drive, and ask the stranger for tens of thousands of dollars - all in just a few hours - now that’s hard to do! For this reason, it’s critical to give the sales staff all the right tools. Product knowledge is important but it’s not as important as other elements in a sale. If you can break down a sales process and explain the reasons for the steps, the salesperson can create a fun environment and easily overcome obstacles during a sale.

Listening more and asking the right questions will put a salesperson on the right path to selling more cars. Never should a salesperson prequalify a customer, by doing so they’re judging a person and no one likes to be judged. The Car Sharker’s training methods instruct salespeople to interview without being pushy.

Attitude plays an essential role in a sales process. The key with attitude is motivation and that starts from the top-level management. If management invests in complacency training by The Car Sharker, the dealership will see an increase in sales and gross profit.

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