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Jimmy Prater

 Jimmy Prater began his automotive sales career when he was eighteen years old. Three decades later, he’s still slinging iron. Only now he instructs others with his unique methods of training and his Rules of Engagement for working car deals.


Jimmy Prater began his career working for Don Foss Used Cars in Lansing, Michigan. Don Foss is the founder of CAC™ (Credit Acceptance Corporation). Like any professional tradesman, Jimmy wasn’t allowed to wait on a customer until he learned Don’s step by step sales tactics. Mr. Prater attributes his success to his mentors and predecessors who taught him winning procedures in the car business. One of Jimmy’s mentors, at La Brea Chevrolet in Los Angeles, CA. Taught him the basics how to desk deals and now Jimmy took it to another level. Overtime, and from many others, Jimmy Prater has taken everything he’s learned from people he respected in the auto industry and poured it into a melting pot.


Jimmy Prater developed a step-by-step closing process and can train any willing person how to close a car deal. He also came up with a desking process that helps salespeople close more cars and make bigger commissions. The Car Sharker believes customer’s feed off energy; if customers aren’t smiling and laughing their not buying. Processes in every step of the way in a sale, helps ease tension on the sales floor and customers will be more relaxed when buying.

Jimmy Prater is the founder of The Car Sharker Consulting Firm, advantages over others. He’s worked with clients from, Michigan, California Texas, Florida, Missouri and the Carolinas. The Car Sharker brings real-life car experience, along with a set of diverse interaction patterns and strategies designed maximize profit and build business for the long term.


Jimmy Prater polished his leadership skills while proudly serving his country in the US Army and two tours of duty in Iraq. One idea that stayed with Jimmy Prater from serving in the military is that complacency kills. Jimmy recognizes this same is true in business and believes complacency will kill your sales. The only way to survive sales is to be a shark. That's why people come to The Car Sharker. Jimmy's program teaches you to swim, then teaches you how to kill and gouge the eyeballs out of customers.

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