We provide training, third party consulting, and motivational tactics. While remaining true to our American Values, a successful  track record  of over 30 years has proven the effectiveness of our approach.  



We are in development of two proprietary softwares that will update desking and appraisal processes giving your dealership the edge in today's market. Using data and market analysis that will maximize your gross.  


We are a certified National Automobile Retail Value Association (NARVA) consulting firm. We specialize in dealership turnarounds and closing-the-sale training. The Car Sharker provides innovative sales processes that are customized to fit with dealers’ current operating procedures.

In most cases, we start by analyzing the used car department. The used car department is the nucleus of a car dealership. We evaluate critical factors, such as:

  • controlling recon expenses

  • working with the service department

  • appraisal process

  • trade-ins

  • time-to-market

  • inventory pricing

  • photographing the inventory

  • online marketing

  • aged vehicles

  • and more

Then we direct our attention to the sales tower. Desk managers need to maximize every line item and we work with them on these areas:

  • new and used deal penciling/strategies

  • lease structure

  • subprime

  • training sales staff

  • follow-ups with customers

  • advertising

  • and much more

Subsequently, we work with the closers on our step-by-step closing process; or, if the store does not have a closing process in place, we will work with the desk managers to develop one. Closers will not only learn a process but we help them absorb new closing techniques.

Most dealers and manufactures do a pretty good job training salespeople; however, they fall short with other sales tasks, for example, asking for the sale and overcoming objectives. We help advance sales staff with motivating training classes; encouraging them to follow a process and linking those processes to the desk, closer, and F&I. Salespeople don’t need to fear customers; they need preparation to overcome their retail sales anxieties.

Another key component of a dealer turnaround is the Internet/Business Development Center (BDC) department. We will assist by analyzing processes and tools used; and, once we feel the dealership is up to speed in, we engage and engineer the next phase: dealer-to-consumer virtual buying.


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