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Internet Department Training

In the Early 2000s, dealers started taking their Business Development Centers (BDC)/Internet departments serious. However, dealers have gotten complacent, it’s like they’re in a time-warp. Dealers need a jump start to the next level. The Car Sharker has the next generation’s Internet boost called “Virtual Car Buying”. This process is a smooth integration with existing processes. No other dealer consultants in the industry come close to having our Internet skills. Our Internet processes are tried and proven. Don’t stay asleep at the wheel, get on board and be prepared to watch the needle move.

The Car Sharker investigates new products on the market to help our dealer partners make informed decisions and not waste their time or money on unnecessary products. When dealers use our services we will do an inventory on all the software platforms they are paying for. We will make sure the software the dealer is using is working and is being used to its full potential. Our team mystery shops our dealer partners and fixes the issues they have in their Internet/BDC.

One big problem we see in the dealer world is the scripts the BDC’s are using. They’re out-of-date, lengthy, and make the agent sound like a robot. If the agents don’t have the proper training and the right process then the dealer should close their department and hire an overseas telemarketing company. Point being, dealers need to stop wasting money in their Internet department and train to sell.

We work with three different proven scripts and train the staff how to answer inbound sales inquiries and how to facilitate outbound sales calls. Another issue in the department is speed and lead assignment. If a sales lead isn’t answered quickly and assigned properly with a follow-up process then the lead will be dropped. Internet shoppers move fast and dealers must have a process that reels them in. Let’s go, get on board dealers, your Internet department needs an injection of steroids. By adjusting a few processes, the Internet department can and should be your highest gross per deal and sales volume of any other departments.

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