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Pat Joslin

Pat Joslin grew up in the automotive sales business and was groomed by his father, Josh, who was a General Motors dealer in a town outside of Detroit, Michigan. His father was an outstanding car guy and Pat uses his father’s coaching as a knowledge base for the automotive business. Pat attended Northwood University where he successfully completed and received a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Dealer Management. While Pat was attending college he also sold cars for his father. After graduating from Northwood University, Pat went to work for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a computer service division of General Motors. Pat’s ambition empowered him to climb the corporate ladder to management level. His experience at EDS educated him on how relevant the Internet was for the automotive industry far before the Internet showed light for the automotive sales industry.

Pat parted ways with EDS because his heart steered him towards the retail side of the automotive industry. Pat was hired as a used car manager for The Story Automotive Group in Lansing, Michigan (the largest Oldsmobile dealer in the world.)  The Story Automotive Group was a multi-point franchise dealer with several locations. Pat became the Used Car Director for all their locations and did such a great job he was offered the Used Car Director job at Sundance Chevrolet in Lansing, Michigan. Under Pat’s leadership, Sundance Chevrolet became not only the largest used car dealer in Michigan; but also sold more used vehicles than any other Chevy dealer in America.

After years of success with Sundance Chevrolet, Pat was offered the Used Car Director position for The Towbin Automotive Group in Las Vegas, Nevada, because Pat swims towards the bait of success. He took the challenge and moved The Towbin Auto Group to continuously sell over six hundred used automobiles a month. This is the same Towbin Dodge featured in the reality television series The King of Cars.

Pat has the remarkable ability to sonar his shark senses and navigate auto dealerships’ turnarounds, in amazing time. His notions and discipline, along with his innovated, smart-buying procedures puts, the fuel back in the dealerships. Pat calls his dealership turnaround method “Deep Sea Diving” because he likes to dive deep into the used car department and implement a detailed structure. He understands the strength of any automotive dealership is the used cars department.

Pat is very passionate with his line of work, he’s truly genuine with every client, and he believes in fairy tale story endings. Pat Joslin’s perseverance and positive attitude make him fun to be around. His hard-to-find leadership skills are contagious - which is perfect for the automobile business.

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