Why Car Closer's Should Unionize?

  • Commission/customer protection and transparency in deal breakdowns

  • Commission workers can earn premium pay for time off—not just the hourly wage

  • No packs

  • Paid on DOC or DIC fees

  • Don’t include  manufacture bonuses as part of your pay-plan

  • Can’t hold your pay as hostage for bad CSI or Internet reviews because of something you cannot control

  • ACV must be given upfront to work a deal and allow you to hold back on a trade

  • Service internal rate must be lower by at least $20.00 per. hour less than customer pay

  • Sale flats must not be less than $500.00

  • Manufacture dealer bonuses or hold-back monies must be pooled and split

  • Can’t discriminate salespeople’s pay for not participating in factory training test

Closer's Union Preregistration

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