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       Jimmy Prater
The Car Sharker
Car Sales Training Course - Close 'em & Gross 'em! Selling cars is supposed to be fun! Loosen-up, relax and don’t take everything so serious. The Car Sharker training is entertaining with serious results. Money is the key ingredient that motivates a closer, so it’s vital not to leave any on the table. We use realistic motivational & training techniques that closers/salespeople can relate to. Jimmy Prater believes if the customer isn’t laughing, then there not buying. The same theory goes for our seminars if you’re not having a good time than you won’t engage. The Car Sharker has compelling sales, closing, and desking courses, we encourage everyone to participate while attending one of our enthusiastic seminars because we all can learn from each other.
Whether you’re new to the auto industry or a veteran, Jimmy Prater’s approach is for you. Timing is everything including closing a deal. The Car Sharker will show how & when to ask for the money. Jimmy’s proven techniques are simple and that is just to ask for the money and stay motived thought out the sale to close the deal. Money is the only reason why we sell cars and The Car Sharker clearly gets that.
The Car Sharker’s, Car Sales Training Course will teach you every technique and strategy for closing a car deal. Sales is not as demanding as everyone makes you to believe, especially in the car business it should be a whole lotta fun. Selling cars can be an outstanding career unfortunately the auto industry is saturated with powder sugar trainers instructing wrong information and overthinking the sales process. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you have gross or not, you just need to ask for the money and get the gross. Salespeople spend a lot of time in the dealership and away from their social life so they must be rewarded for that with lots of freaking money. The Car Sharker closing strategies will help you gouge the eyeballs out of customers. Go Close Somthing!

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